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When a citizen formulates a new enquiry it begins a journey through a series of 'states' that reflect a predefined process. This workflow helps the Observatory maintain a sensible administration of all citizens' Enquiries. These states are:

1. Pending validation by the Observatory

This is the state an Enquiry has when it is first formulated by a citizen. OCAx sends a confirmation email to the citizen and a copy is also sent to the Team manager as a notification. The Team manager should filter out invalid enquiries such as spam or enquiries that go against the Observatory's ethical code.

2. Enquiry assigned to team member

The Team manager does not reject the enquiry and assigns it to a Team member. From this moment on the citizen who formulated the enquiry cannot edit or delete it.
Note: this state is not public and doesn't show on the workflow diagram

3. Enquiry rejected by the Observatory

The Team manager or Team member has rejected the enquiry.

4. Enquiry accepted by the Observatory

El Team Member acepta la consulta. Desde este momento, la consulta pasa a ser pública y otros ciudadanos pueden subscribirse a ella y hacer comentarios.

5. Awaiting reply from the Administration

The Team member has handed the enquiry in to the Council either in person or via email/web and has entered into OCAx all relevant information accrediting the submission of the enquiry. Required information is the date of submission and the council's register number. The team member is also encouraged to attach any additional documentation that the council generated in the moment of submission, ie; a scanned document or a copy of an email.

6. Reply pending assessment

The Team member has received a reply from the council and uploaded it to OCAx. Or, if after waiting a reasonable amount of time the council hasn't answered, the Team member adds a Reply in the form of a 'no-reply'. Citizens can now comment, vote, and make a collective assessment of the council's response.

7. Reply considered satisfactory

The Team member, after reviewing the votes and comments of the citizens, considers the Council's reply to be satisfactory. Success!

8. Reply considered insatisfactory

El Team Member's function is to reflect the opinion of the citizens who vote and comment on the Enquiry. In such cases there are various options:

  • Reformulate the enquiry and send it to the Administration again (a second chance).
  • Make a public and administrative complaint to a higher body such as a State or European institution corresponding to the budget in question.
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