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User's Manual

These pages are used for in-line help

Global parameters

These are the options that have a global affect on the application.


Budget descriptions

Budget descriptions are the sum of information that facilitate the localization and comprehension of the budgets.

  • List defined descriptions
  • Modify the descriptions
  • Browse the state descriptions


Manage registered users. Assign the different profiles: Members, Team Managers, Team Members, Page Editors, and new Administrators.


Manage newsletters that will be published on the web site and set by email to all registered users.

Introduction pages

Manage the content of the site's Introduction pages.

Site pages

These pages make up most of the web's content.


Team manager

Team member



Keeping a backup copy of your OCAx installation is vital in case of server failure.

Fichero zip

The observatory, as a transparent entity, makes all budgetary information (in CSV format) available to the citizens.

  • Zip file containing CSV files and other docs.

The Archive

With the passage of time an OCM the will generate all sorts of documentation. This documentation is part of the observatory's history and belongs to all citizens.


The images or photos people first see when they visit your site.

Email templates

OCAx will send emails to users as the enquiries move through the workflow. These templates help create consistent email content.

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