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The Archive

With the passage of time an Observatory the will generate all sorts of documentation. This documentation is part of the Observatory's history and belongs to all citizens.


The archive lets you create, rename, move, and delete files and folders. All activity is logged.

Files can be organized into folders. You can create as many folders and sub folders as you wish.

Documents saved here can be linked from the different pages on your site.

If the site admin has enabled social widgets, citizens will be able to use popular social networks to share file and folder links.

All Observatory members (Team member, Page editor, etc), can create content and modify or delete it. Only the Admin can delete folders and files created by other observatory members.

What belongs to us?

Have you ever heard of 'The biggest fallacy on the Internet'? You know, the one that asks us to 'Accept the conditions'. Who has ever read those conditions? Page apon page of legal jargon. We just say 'Yes', but we really don't know we've just agreed to. We cannot honestly consider any documentation uploaded to services like DropBox, GoogleDrive, Facebook, etc to be truly ours.

The fate of these companies is completely out of our control. We don't know if they will merge with another company, change their Conditions of use, or simply disappear. But we can be certain that our Documentation, that they store free of cost, is not as important to them as it is to us. We need to take responsibility of what is ours.

OCAx includes an alternative, the Archive, where members of the OCM can upload documentation for and by the people.

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