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ZIP File

The observatory, as a transparent entity, makes all budgetary information (in CSV format) available to the citizens. This information can be accompanied with related documentation. The documentation packaged in the zip files is divided in to: 1) data and 2) docs.

The queue

A list of files that will be included in the zip file when you click on 'Generate zip file'.
The zip file is then available to all citizens from download from the 'Budgets' page.

As the administrator it is your responsibility to insure that the zip files contains the same data as the citizens can browse in the graphics.

For example, let's say you already have the csv file for 2013 in the zip file. When you modify the budgetary data for 2013 in the database, the csv file in the zip becomes out of date and you will have to update it and generate the zip once again.

You can consult the 'Log' to know which years have been changed in the database.

Add CSV files to the queue

As we've said, you can add 1)csv files and 2)other types of documents to the zip file.

Estas operaciones se llevan a cabo por separado, con los menus: These operations are done separately with the menu items.

Add a file to the queue and Add a csv to the queue

To add a document to the queue, just select the file you want from your PC.

To add a csv to the queue select the year and OCAx will add a csv file loaded with the latest information from the database.

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