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There are two different parts to OCAx that need translating.

  1. This wiki
  2. The OCAx web application

We use the ISO 631-1 language codes.

Wiki translations

This wiki is dual purpose.

  1. This wiki content is where all OCA(x) documentation is kept.
  2. OCAx has built-in help documentation that consists of a collection of links embeded in the application that point to this wiki. For example a user, let's say a Team member, can open the Team member page from within OCAx. This provides a simple contextual help system.

OCAx translations

Application translations are kept in .po files that can be edited with Poedit

You can find exiting translations here (look for the *.po files).

If you'd like to help with translations please get in touch and we'll set up a working environment that's comfortable for all of us.

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